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A place to inspire, entertain, empower and educate millennials of color to change the narrative on how we view, create and maintain our relationships.

That is Millennial Married.


Ever evolving into the culturally conscious digital platform it is today, Millennial Married was created to help marriage-minded millennials when it comes to their relationship journey.

Let’s face it, finding love and sustaining a relationship has always been hard but for millennials, it’s just a little bit more complicated. Endless DMs, meaningless text messages & an all too familiar story of growing up with a blueprint for successful adulthood let alone a successful marriage.

Through personal stories, relationship tips, online courses, podcasts, fashion and a supportive community, Millennial Married provides millions of men and women around the globe with a daily dose of inspiration, guidance and the ability to speak their minds about love, family and culture.

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